Jeff Smoley

My Martial Arts & Qigong Training:

1960-1962 Kodokan Judo/Korean Yudo, gokyu; w/ Sensei Kim Young Chol (Queens, NY)
1962-1973 Furuya Ryu Kobujitsu (Jujitsu), Sandan; w/ Sensei Kenichi Furuya & Sensei Kenjiro Furuya (Queens, NY), with a gap from 1968 to 1971 due to service in the US Army.
1964-1973 Jujitsu & Shorinji Kempo, Sandan in Jujutsu; w/ Sensei Arai, Long Island Jujutsu Academy (Queens, NY), with a gap from 1968 to 1971 due to service in the US Army.
1973-1982 Jujitsu, Hop Gar Gongfu & Qigong, Yondan in Jujutsu; w/ Sensei Andy Garcia (Miami Beach, Fl.)
1993-1994 Jujitsu & Aikido, w/ Sensei Leoni Velasquez. (Hollywood, Fl.)
1996-1999  Chen Taijiquan & Qigong; w/ Yan GaoFei under Chen QuanZhong. (Hollywood, Fl.), on and off due to work.
1999-2008 YuLi Qigong, Zhou Family Qigong; w/ Dr. Zhou Peigen, other Qigong forms with other teachers. 
2014 Chen Taijiquan; with Sun Mingwei under Chen Zhenglei.

Numerous seminars with a number of teachers, over the years (not in order):

Wally Jay, Leon Jay, (Jujitsu, Tuite)
Andy Garcia (not the actor) (Hop Gar Gongfu & Qigong, Jujitsu)
Phil Chenique (Jujitsu, Aikido)
Leoni Velasquez (Jujitsu, Aikido)
Ed Lake (Kyusho Jitsu, DKI)
Rick Moneymaker (Tuite, Kyusho Jitsu, DSI)
Mike Sigman (Taiji - Peng)
Glenn Morris (Qigong, Hoshinjutsu)
Chen QuanZhong, (Chen Taijiquan & Qigong)
Chen ZhengLei, (Chen Taijiquan & Qigong)

Andy Garcia started me in Qigong from his Hop Gar training.
Chen QuanZhong told me to concentrate on Qigong after a grappling demo where he showed me how his Qi totally controlled mine.
Chen ZhengLei also told me to concentrate on Qigong and showed me some of his Qigong forms.

Since 1999 I have been concentrating on Qigong training, mostly under Dr. Zhou Peigen, my father-in-law.

US Army veteran. 1968 - 1971

I have several certifications in Qigong. I am a Certified Hypnotist, Reiki Master and a retired Florida Licensed Massage Therapist.

Professional Member of the National Qigong Association.

How to find out more:

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