Jeff pushing hands with GM Chen Quanzhong, after about an hour & a half of standing grappling at a demo.

I didn't even get a good grip on him :-)

Notice that my hair is plastered down with perspiration and GM Chen hasn't started to sweat yet.

Jeff teaching at Hoshinfest 2008

Jeff with his teacher & father-in-law,

Dr. Zhou Peigen and his wife, Dr. Fu Meifang.

More Photos from Hoshinfest 2008:

Jeff with Sensei Tao Semko on left and Soke Williams on right.

Jeff having a discussion with Soke Rob Williams.

Jeff demoing muscle testing and energy transfer.

Jeff teaching how to feel a proper root.

Jeff practicing Qigong with the rest of the class.

Jeff & Silat Guru Santiago Dobles watching students.

All Hoshinfest Photos credit Roni H.