I surprised my doctors and lived through a serious heart attack! The same thing that saved me could help you have a better quality of life…

Here’s what happened…

I’m sure you know that there’s no substitute for a healthy body. Unfortunately, as you well know, most folks don’t do what is necessary to take care of their bodies and have a great quality of life.

Instead, they end up sick and feeble — if they even make it to old age. I almost didn’t! And my parents, grandparents, some aunts and uncles definitely didn’t. They all died of major heart attacks, much too young.

You probably see only a few people doing any sort of exercise on a regular basis. The rest can barely walk, and their outlook on the remainder of their lives is often dim, at best. It’s no wonder people get “crotchety” in their old age!

I would like to give the folks in your community an opportunity to affordably increase their health and well-being, in spite of their later years. Perhaps improving their quality of life and their disposition. Would that be all right with you?

My name is Jeff Smoley and I am a local (South Florida) teacher and certified master of the seven thousand year old Chinese healthcare system called Qigong (pronounced “chee gung”). You may have seen it—a simple series of slow movements designed by ancient masters to improve health and increase longevity.

In China, it is very common to see people of all ages (well into their 90’s!) doing Qigong every morning in the parks or even along the sidewalks in front of their apartment buildings. Everyone is gracefully moving in slow motion. It is quite beautiful to watch.

Many people these days are familiar with Tai Chi; well, in China, Tai Chi masters practice Qigong for their health even though Tai Chi is actually derived from Qigong systems.

How can Qigong help you?
The practice is very simple, yet has a myriad of benefits:

Ø Boosting the immune system,
Ø Lowering blood pressure,
Ø Reducing stress,
Ø Boosting alertness,
Ø Getting rid of headaches,
Ø Strengthening muscles,
Ø Increasing balance and flexibility,
Ø Easing the effects of chronic illness,
Ø Increasing lung capacity,
Ø Improving disposition,
Ø Improving pancreatic function, digestion and
Ø Reducing stress on the heart.


(Because I had been practicing Qigong for 18 years, that massive heart attack I endured did not kill me, as the doctors had expected.)

Do you know anyone who would like to feel better? I’ll bet you have an entire building full of folks who would answer a resounding…


In May of 2003, an article in the Wall Street Journal said, “Last year [2002], the Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine at the National Institutes of Health earmarked more than $500,000 in grants to study the health benefits of Qigong. So far, studies have shown it can help elderly people develop better balance and can lower blood pressure.”

Another recent study showed that Qigong can help regulate blood sugar levels, and seems to be beneficial for people with Diabetes.

The simple movements of Qigong can help you improve your health. As people feel better, they are happier, healthier and less likely to be a problem or drain on resources for both their families and themselves.

Knowing my family history, I chose to be a vegetarian and worked out daily, but it was not enough to keep me from having a major heart attack at age 46, while SITTING IN BED reading a computer manual! (Talk about lack of stimulation!)

The surgeon said that three of my cardiac vessels were over 98% blocked, but I had a lot of collateral circulation (I had grown new blood vessels) and my oxygenation was very high. I credit the oxygenation and collateral circulation to the Qigong I had been doing since the age of 28. Doing Qigong kept me alive!

And even though the attack and surgery left me with a heart that only pumps about 1/2 the blood it should, I am still able to do martial arts, practice and teach Qigong, and live a full, normal life and I am now 61! Can you imagine that?

You never know when something could happen and slow your life to a crawl or take you out of it altogether. Having experienced its benefits first hand, I am passionate about bringing this system of health and movement to people in senior or retirement communities and assisted living facilities.

In Qigong, there are movement combinations for people in seated positions and others for those who can stand for short or longer periods of time—five different levels in all. So the infirm can increase their movement capabilities and improve their health, while those in good shape can take their health to a higher level.

My father, my mother, her siblings and her parents, and my own younger brother are all (or were), diabetics. (Talk about bad family medical history!) I'm not. And honestly, I'm not skinny. I grew up eating the same diet they all did. Again, I can only look to my practice of Qigong as being the factor that has made the difference.

In fact, a report published in the British Journal of Sport Medicine, April 2008, regarding a preliminary study of the effects of Tai Chi and Qigong medical exercise on adults with elevated blood glucose suggests that it may be helpful for control of indicators of metabolic syndrome and glycemic control.

Everyday I am thankful for having learned Qigong and I want to “pay it forward” by sharing this system with others. To set up a class schedule at your locality, Call me today at 954 - 471 - 1337.

Here’s an excerpt from an LA Times article, April 24, 2007 quoting Andrew Monjan, chief of the National Institute on Aging – Neurobiology of Aging branch:

"Tai Chi Qigong is clearly an exercise program, but it has something more… It seems to be somewhat more effective than simple exercise and more effective than simple stress reduction.” And older adults enjoy it, he said, making it a therapy patients will stick to.
“Tai Chi Qigong's combination of slow, steady movements, rhythmic breathing and meditation appear to offer a unique mix of benefits. It builds aerobic conditioning. It relaxes the body's response to stress, which tends to intensify as people age. And it increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.”

Other studies have shown the positive effects of Qigong on the immune system. And articles have been written in other publications such as the New York Times and Time Magazine discussing the benefits of Qigong. It has even been featured on “Oprah” and National Public Television. Dr. Oz said that if you want to live to be 100, do Qigong!

How soon would you like to get yourself, your friends and neighbors started on an affordable weekly Qigong program? At any age, it’s never too soon to be feeling better!

Call me today at 954-471-1337 to set up a class schedule that best suits the needs of your community.

I look forward to speaking with you!

To your health,

Jeff Smoley, LMT MA# 52162

P.S. For the first five Senior Communities that call, I am offering one complementary half hour class to give you an opportunity to “test the waters” of Qigong with your management and neighbors at no charge. So Call Today! 954-471-1337.

You must have permission from your health care provider to take these classes.

The following Videos are not of Jade Power Qigong, but are for general information about Qigong and it's health benefits.

To find out more:

Please contact Jeff Smoley. He can meet with you to discuss implementation of a program that can fit your group’s needs. All your questions about qualifications, scheduling, cost and financial arrangements will be answered.

Ask about the free lecture and demonstration you so and other decision makers in your group can experience first hand the benefits of QiGong.

Call: 954 - 471 - 1337
Email:  jeff(at)jadepowerqigong.com

Wear loose, comfortable clothes, and no perfumes or scented cosmetics. We will be doing a lot of deep breathing. Heavy jewelery is also not a good idea.
Cell phones off during class.