Why use Qigong to stop stress at your business?

  • It increases employee effectiveness: Research reports that Qigong enhances alertness and helps increase employee productivity.
  • It enhances work relations: Employees who practice Qigong find the quality of their work relationships improve, both with each other and with clients or customers.
  • It is a wellness program that people actually use. Employees take advantage of Qigong because it is convenient, easy to do, and most of all, because it makes them feel good.
  • It gives employees a tool for controlling their response to stress. When employees can recognize tension and the strain it causes, they can release and control it before it becomes a problem.
  • It reduces employee absenteeism. Reduced stress decreases the illnesses your employees may contract.
  • It reduces employee turnover. When employers invest in the well-being of their employees, the return is improved morale, attitude and loyalty.
  • It has a positive ROI. When stress and absenteeism are reduced, losses due to these factors are reduced; when employee productivity is increased, so is profitability.

Is stress really a Problem?

    You can’t open a newspaper today without reading about the negative effects of stress. Even if employees aren’t experiencing stress at work, other sources of stress can have an adverse impact on work performance.
    According to Fortune Magazine, The American Institute of Stress, a research group, estimates that stress and it’s consequences, such as absenteeism, burnout and mental health conditions cost American businesses more than $300 billion a year.
    Research in China, Europe and America has shown that Qigong can markedly reduce or eliminate stress and it’s consequences.

How employees will benefit:

Qigong at the workplace offers the following advantages to the employee:
  • Reduces stress.
  • Reduces muscular tension, a major contributor to chronic pain, repetitive strain injuries and low back pain.
  • Increases circulation.
  • Boosts alertness.
  • Calms the mind and nervous system.
  • Improves the immune system.
  • Increases mental and physical performance.
  • Provides a complete change of pace so the mind and body can relax and rejuvenate.
How your business will benefit:

It is cost effective.
  • There is no up front investment in equipment or facilities.
  • Qigong is easy to schedule into the workday.
  • Qigong is one of the most affordable wellness programs available.
  • Qigong lowers health care costs. Experts say up to 85% of all illnesses are induced by or contributed to by stress.
How to find out more:

    Please contact Jeff Smoley. He can meet with you to discuss implementation of a program that can fit your company’s needs. All your questions about qualifications, scheduling and financial arrangements will be answered.

    Ask about the free lecture and demonstration you so and other decision makers in your organization can experience first hand the benefits of Qigong.

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